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Gregory Mayo

Greg is an award winning author who has spent years speaking to groups around the country about recovery, authentic masculinity, men and abortion and reclaiming authentic relationship with God. 

He is a member of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men’s Speaker’s Bureau and the Fatherhood CoMission.

He serves as the Men’s Healing Strategist for Support After Abortion and chairs their National Men’s Task Force

By Gregory Mayo

Almost Daddy

The Forgotten Story

Almost Daddy: The Forgotten Story takes the reader on a journey with Ben, the main character, from the steps of an abortion clinic near the end of his senior year through years of struggle as he tries to find peace with the past, healing from grief and trauma and restored relationship with God. 

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Almost Daddy:

The Forgotten Story

Ben had plans. He had dreams. Yet in a moment, and a moment beyond his control, fatherhood was lost…and Ben was adrift. A ship without a rudder being pushed by an unknown wind….he was almost daddy. This is an invitation to walk this path with Ben. The journey from original pain to healing is a winding, twisting road that no one should walk alone. Perhaps healing can be found and relationship restored with God. Because alone, healing rarely comes.

Almost Daddy:

A Men’s Guide to Healing After Abortion

Almost Daddy: A Men’s Guide to Healing After Abortion takes the time-tested principles of the 12 Steps and applies them to Post Abortion Recovery. Each chapter talks through one of the steps and ends with a related testimony from a post-abortive man.
This guide is not meant to be the beginning to end of a recovery journey. It is, rather, a tool for the tool kit, a piece of the puzzle and a step along the path to restoration.

Finding Forgiveness

The Search for Meaning in the Midst of Grief

Forgiveness is linked to gratitude; both are essential to a life of peace and purpose. Forgiveness, however, can be hard to find in any of it’s many forms. As Curtis, Billy and Jimmy explore the age-old question of “why bad things happen to good people” they will each have to search for the forgiveness they need to give and receive. In that process they will each have to find gratitude as well.

Greg captures the heart and mind of the man who becomes a father, only to find himself with empty arms. As a society, we make men feel that they have no voice in the matter of abortion. Walking this journey of pain and heartbreak that turns into healing with purpose is an option for every man with abortion in his past. Greg does a wonderful job of drawing us into the process of recovery and finding peace. I would hand this book to any man who confesses his loss. I would invite them to seek healing, and this could be the very tool to open a walled-up heart that fears the reality of the pain. Thanks, Greg, for allowing your story to be one that unlocks the path to healing!

I am the Director of Hearts Restored of Clarity of SC IN and will use this at our 7 centers!

Sue K

The story of Ben in “Almost Daddy” is an odyssey on many levels. Through a character many men (and women) can relate to in one aspect or another, Ben’s journey takes us through the pain of a young life. Pain from the “what if’s” that haunt us, to failed relationship woes, to betrayal, and the pain of the all-too-common uncharted drifting through a life without true purpose or meaning causes.

But the pain is a crucible — Ben discovers love, life, and purpose in his life. And especially — my biggest takeaway — how to forgive yourself.


Best book I have read in the past 30 years!!


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