Since the Supreme Court heard arguments earlier this month there is a lot of talk about what happens if and when “Roe is gutted.” That’s the phrase that’s being tossed around. The reality is that the decision will put decisions about the legality and limits on abortion back in the hands of the states. 

But the likely decision will indeed limit the availability of abortion in much of the nation. Now, before we get into this further, understand that I’m not going down the should it be legal, who gets to decide, or any of the other hot-button topics.

What I want to talk about is the Pro-Life community and what happens next. 

I see a notable number of people on social media celebrating what they see as an end to abortion…or at least strong  limits. But I say now is not the time to celebrate. First off, the method of getting this in front of the Supreme Court was not a process of changing hearts and minds. It was a process of some very sophisticated lawyers working a case through the courts. 

I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing. What I am saying is there is going to be one heck of a snapback; socially speaking. And understand two things here: first, the pro-abortion groups are employing the same methods to advance abortion. Secondly,states have been putting state laws in place for a long time that will activate when the SCOTUS is done with this case. 

And that will trigger more court cases from the other side. 

Before you pounch let me say I am always happy and thankful to see children saved and fewer abortions. And I would truly rejoice if not another single child was aborted. All I am saying is this ain’t over because of this one case. It’s not over because of the Texas case that went before the court either.  And no, that doesn’t mean it’s time to “fight harder.” Again, not changing hearts and minds like that. 

I guess that’s the real point. 

I lived in silence for years after I lost fatherhood to abortion. I watched as one side lied about the child and mother and mental health of both parents. I listened as dads were continually left out (or pushed out) of the conversation about the fate of a child that was theirs as well. 

And I watched some on the other side spew hate at folks who had abortions…all while claiming to be representatives of Jesus. Think that isn’t a big part of what kept me out of and away from church for many years? I believed in Jesus and God. But I also truly believed they no longer wanted me. 

After I found recovery and started connecting with other people in the recovery movement I began to heal. That is the key with this SCOTUS decision and whatever else happens in the courts over the next year or two. We have to help as many people find healing as we can. 

In healing we have the opportunity to change hearts and minds. When we “…carry this message to others…” we help them find healing. It grows from there. When that becomes a movement we’ll see real change, lasting change and a restored generation.