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Greg brings a unique perspective and presence to the stage. His topics: Post Abortion Healing, Authentic Masculinity and Father Wounds, are things he is not only passionate about, but battles he has fought himself. With over 20 years experience speaking in front of groups, Greg brings information, passion, knowledge and a bit of humor to his audiences.

Who is Greg Mayo?

Greg is an award winning author and public speaker. His work focuses on helping people find forgiveness, healing and grace. Over the years Greg has written hundreds of articles and columns for publication and spoken to dozens of groups about topics ranging from Men’s Issues, Family Dysfunction, Abortion Healing, Reconciliation with God and Authentic Masculinity.

Greg currently lives in the Indy metro area with his wife, one of their four sons and Bella, the dog.

Almost Daddy: The Forgotten Story Trailer

John’s Story

An actor portrays John, who shares his unexpected pregnancy story and thinks abortion was the answer. He shares how the trauma faced as a child impacted his support for abortion. He shares the impact of abortion and how, as an adult, he filled his life with unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Tom’s Story

An actor portrays a man who, after a brief hook up with a local girl, is confronted by her while playing darts at a local bar. She angrily announces that she’s pregnant and five years later learns that she had an abortion.

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The story of Ben in “Almost Daddy” is an odyssey on many levels. Through a character many men (and women) can relate to in one aspect or another, Ben’s journey takes us through the pain of a young life. Pain from the “what if’s” that haunt us, to failed relationship woes, to betrayal, and the pain of the all-too-common uncharted drifting through a life without true purpose or meaning causes.

But the pain is a crucible — Ben discovers love, life, and purpose in his life. And especially — my biggest takeaway — how to forgive yourself.


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